Remove Toxins From Your Body

Remove Toxins From Your Body:

From time to time in our bodies accumulate toxins.

Because of the dirty air, bad water we drink also pesticides, which contain our food. Scientice says that the toxins can create and because of poor digestion – when we eat too much or improperly combined foods. Over the years, toxins and heavy metals in our bodies accumulate and can cause many problems, such as: allergies and asthma, cancer, migraine, depression, chronic disease. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the body of toxins and heavy metals.

Zeolite is one of the natural minerals that effectively and quickly clean the body, but without damage to our health.

Remove Toxins From Your Body


With the sun, air and water, which contains vital elements, Zeolite is mostly powerful and oldest physical renewal.

Multiple therapeutic effect on the body – promotes healing of wounds, cleanses and nourishes the skin.

Many generations before us have believed in the power of Zeolite. In ancient Egypt, the healing power of Zeolite was well known. Zeolite is used to treat and mummification of the pharaon. The ancient Greeks used zeolite to treat fractures: the fracture they put plaster strips topped with Zeolite mud.

Dioscorides talked about that Zeolite has exceptional healing powers.

The famous Greek philosopher Galen and physician, wrote a treatise on the treatment of Zeolite.



It is still not entirely clear how the green clay. Some assume that the clay has an exceptional absorbent therefore absorb all dirt and pathogens from the body.

Others believe that the clay has a special “intelligence”, by which it finds and removes an abnormality in the body.

Some relate the healing power of Zeolite with its negative charge. They find that it is precisely because of their negative charge Zeolite attracts and absorbs all particles are charged  positively charged. It charged particles in the body are bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc.

In addition to bind harmful substances and removes it from the body through the digestive tract, clay We also supplying the necessary elements. The Zeolite contains over 60 minerals and trace elements, which feed and cure the organism.


Russian scientists have found that the use of Zeolite can neutralize the effects of radiation. Zeolite is therefore used in a nuclear accident to absorb radiation as much as possible.



In nature you can find green, yellow, white and red Zeolite. However, only the green Zeolite is used for the treatment and cleansing.

There are several types of  Zeolite, and the most famous Zeolite mines are located in France and in Sicily.

Depending on where it is mined, each Zeolite contains a unique percentage of various minerals and trace elements.

Zeolite contains selenium, calcium, , potassium, zinc, manganese, copper, silicon, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and other minerals and trace elements.

Zeolite has multiple beneficial effects on the body.



Zeolite that may be taken orally, must be certified for oral use. Zeolite are on sale called supplement for body detoxificatin.

In the evening, dilute full Zeolite in 2 teaspoon  of water (not cooked, the best spring).

In doing so, do not use a metal spoon or cup – Zeolite does not come into contact with the metal.

Zeolite take the morning after getting up or in the evening before bedtime. If desired, you can take the Zeolite one hour before a meal.

  1.  Breakfast – drink only water with Zeolite
  2. Lunach – drink woter or juice with Zeolite
  3. Diner – drink water with Zeolite

After a month, take a break. Use Zeolite for body detoxification 2-4 times a year.

Reach health benefits with Zeolite:

In addition Zeolite remove toxins and heavy metals: renewing cells and tissues, preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria and parasites, inhibits tumor cell growth, has anti-inflammatory properties, regulate the PH of the body, keeps the body necessary minerals

Baths of Zeolite have a calming, anti-inflammatory and detoxicating effect. Packs of Zeolite are used to treat arthritis and wounds.

Zeolite mask encourage beauty, skin cleaning, circulation stimulation, cellulite reduce and encourage fat loss.  Be healthy with Zeolite.

Preventing Prostate Cancer With Natural Minerals

Preventing Prostate Cancer With Natural Minerals:

One of the most common forms of cancer affecting the male population is represented by prostate cancer It accounts for approximately 15% of diagnosed cases of cancer worldwide, although incidence varies from country to country. It is currently considered to be one of the very few forms of cancer that can be treated if diagnosed in time. It primarily develops in patients that are aged over 50. The most important risk factors that influence the onset of prostate cancer are age, diet, hormonal dysfunctions, and a family history positive for the affliction.

The most common onset of prostate cancer is asymptomatic. The most common prostate cancer symptoms are frequent and painful urination, and the presence of blood in the urine. Moreover, due to the passing of the urethra and vas deferens through the prostate gland, some patients suffer from erectile dysfunction and painful ejaculation. These symptoms can also be observed in patients suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Treatment for prostate cancer takes various aspects into consideration. Due to its slow development and late age of onset, most patients suffering from prostate cancer do not require treatment. Based on the stage of the disease, the measured PSA levels, and the Gleason score, patients can receive surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, or cryotherapy. In most cases that require treatment, a combination of the aforementioned methods is used.

preventing prostate cancer

However, the onset of preventing prostate cancer  can also be delayed or fully prevented. Megamin Activ Prostate is a revolutionary product that uses both zeolite and dolomite as active ingredients. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that is most often found in volcanic rocks. Due to a proprietary process known as tribomineral activation, the zeolite provides powerful antioxidant effects. Moreover, Megamin Activ Prostate also contains pure potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which enhance the antioxidant effects of the zeolite. The unique combination of minerals allows for a higher efficacy, being considered one of the most powerful antioxidant products in the world.

Patients suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia or prostate cancer should take Megamin Activ Prostate capsules for at least 2 months in order for the beneficial effects to be seen. The aforementioned period allows the active minerals to attack the hormonal imbalances and inflammation that may have caused the onset of the disease. However, due to their potent antioxidant effect, the capsules can be taken long after the affliction has been resolved. Moreover, the Megamin Activ Prostate capsules also protect against infections, as well as facilitate their treatment. The active minerals contained in each capsule boost the body’s natural immune system.

Furthermore, the combination of minerals also has its own bactericidal and virucidal effect. These combined effects have a positive effect that reduces the risk of prostate cancer onset, but also reduces the swelling caused by BHP. Each capsule is able to regulate the production of both important hormones, estrogen and DHT. Lower levels of estrogen combined with higher levels of DHT provide beneficial effects for all patients suffering from prostate tumors and inflammation. The levels of these two hormones are affected by the levels of aromatase. The capsules target the production of aromatase, reducing it, thus reducing the levels of estrogen and increasing the levels of DHT. Lower levels of estrogen are associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer onset.